Between the Venice Lagoon and the province of Treviso, between the sea and the Prealps, there lies a vast, fertile plain. Sands, shale and clay make up the soil which is irrigated by deep veins of water. And the roots of the rural community run deep too. These are noble lands populated by proud, hard-working farmers as can be seen from the magnificent patrician villas with their elegant farm buildings and the characteristic farmhouses immersed in the vines. It was the long reign of the Venetian Empire – the Serenissima – that led to the growth in wine making here. The lagoon city sold wines from the Piave area in great quantities in its bars and Bàcari. There followed Italian unification and then the Conegliano School of Oenology became a driving force for innovation following the two World Wars. The impact of the First, the Great War, was most felt here, leaving behind desolate lands and abandoned vineyards. Following the heroism of the Battle of the River Piave the courage and resistance of the Piave people came to the fore as they worked tirelessly for the rebirth of their home. Since then there have been constant improvements in the quality and refinement of the local produce. This is an area certain to captivate anyone who visits with its unrivalled combination of great food and wine, history and beauty.